Neat Renovations

Neat Renovations

Welcome to our first video podcast!

AMERICAN shutters: Welcome to our first video podcast. Today we are speaking to Zillah from Neat Renovations and Interiors. So lovely to be chatting with you, thank you for joining us.

Neat Renovations: My pleasure, thank you for having me.

AMERICAN shutters: We’re going to be discussing one of your recent projects, but first let’s do a quick introduction to Neat Renovations and Interiors. You were established in 2004, and your team specialises in turning old, outdated spaces into beautiful and modern masterpieces.

Neat Renovations: Yes, we love recommending and implementing remodeling ideas that transform our clients’ spaces.

AMERICAN shutters: Well, you certainly did that in this Durbanville home. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Neat Renovations: Thanks, we are very proud of this project.

AMERICAN shutters: Describe the interior style of the home.

Neat Renovations: Modern New York City style!

AMERICAN shutters: OK, tell us more…

Neat Renovations: Modern minimalism with mixed materials and clean lines.

AMERICAN shutters: Let’s talk more about the mix of materials in the design.

Neat Renovations: Yes, we love using lots of different materials. For this project, we mixed reflective materials such as glass, mirror, engineered stone and metal with warm natural materials like wood and fabric to create the modern look.

AMERICAN shutters: You mentioned clean lines as a key element in your design, we can see that in the finishes and furnishings you chose.

Neat Renovations: Absolutely, especially with your Decowood Shutters, we love the clean streamlined classic look of shutters and your Decowood Shutters bring all that with the warmth of timber. They work so well in this home.

AMERICAN shutters: You chose the Silk White finish for your Decowood Shutters, how did this choice factor into your colour palette?

Neat Renovations: The home has a monochromatic colour palette incorporating various tones of beige and grey with some accent colours, for example the metallic grey grass-woven wallpaper we chose as wall covering, and the grey smokey mirror. However, we think that the white shutters are classic and timeless, and they complement the colour palette throughout the home.

AMERICAN shutters: Talking about wall covering, there are some exceptional wallpapers in the home. Are these customised?

Neat Renovations: Glad you noticed! Yes, the wallpaper in the lounge is custom and we think it elevates the space beautifully, with your shutters of course.

AMERICAN shutters: We agree…

Neat Renovations: Back to our shutters, but more specifically how you have invited so much natural light into this home through your design choices.

We love how you can control natural lighting with shutters, we accentuated this with the use of reflective materials like glass and mirror and we complemented the natural light with intelligent artificial lighting. We used accent lighting especially around the engineered stone TV wall where we used recessed LED strip lights with dropped ceilings to create visual rhythm.

AMERICAN shutters: And we love how the stairs are lit below the shutters.

AMERICAN shutters: We’re sure it is a difficult choice but what is your favourite moment in the home?

Neat Renovations: Definitely the kitchen.

AMERICAN shutters: And Decowood Shutters are ideal for kitchens…

Neat Renovations: Yes, easy to clean, moisture resistant and great for ventilation

AMERICAN shutters: You know your shutters! Why AMERICAN shutters?

Neat Renovations: Impeccable product, luxury finish and excellent service.

AMERICAN shutters: Enough said! Literally
Thanks Zillah, this has been fun. We look forward to the next project with Neat Renovations and Interiors.

Neat Renovations: Me too.

AMERICAN shutters: Thanks for joining us on this first video podcast, till next time…

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