We may need superheroes and antiheroes in a blockbuster movie, but when it comes to your home, you certainly don’t. Just like every superhero, you need superpowers to come out on top.

X-ray Vision

Use your x-ray vision superpower to look for x-perience and x-pertise. When it comes to professional advice, precision manufacturing and proficient installation, nothing beats the expertise gained from experience. A proven track record also builds a demonstrable portfolio of projects to showcase and a library of client testimonials.

Truth Detection

Scrutinise company accreditation claims. Companies invest time and money to secure certifications and accreditations to endorse their products whether for quality, eco-friendliness or efficacy. This is a good indicator of how serious they are about the quality of their products; to achieve and maintain these accreditations they are required to put their products through stringent testing and adhere to specific protocols.

AMERICAN shutters Security Shutters Range has a Conformité Européenne (CE) mark indicating that it complies with the relevant European Union legislation.  AMERICAN shutters is also a gold affiliate member of The Security Association of South Africa (SASA), a world-class professional body that advocates, promotes and drives industry compliance within South Africa’s private security industry.

Attention to Detail

The ability to focus on and understand minor details; not letting any small print get through your meticulous attention to detail. Deploy this superpower to analyse any

guarantee or warranty. Pay careful attention to the terms, i.e. does it cover all components, are there exclusions, is it being offered directly from the manufacturer or via the reseller, what is the term and is this sufficient to ensure the material and workmanship is defect-free.

AMERICAN shutters offers a comprehensive six-year warranty on Security Shutters and a comprehensive four-year warranty on all other shutter ranges.

Find the right sidekick

AMERICAN shutters reliability has been proven over the past three decades having installed shutters in thousands of homes across the country. See our portfolio of recent security shutter (window shutter) installations, and read our customer reviews here.

Every superhero needs a trustworthy sidekick. Use the above superpowers to find yours when interior designing your home. In this way, you can ensure there are no cons when it comes to shutters, because you are working with the pros!

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