You can clearly see the difference between a store-bought suit, a custom-tailored suit and a bespoke suit. Store-bought suits are one-size-fits-all, custom suits are existing styles and patterns tailored to fit, while a bespoke suit is designed and manufactured specifically for the wearer’s body, taking into account his unique shape; like the suits James Bond wears!

The same applies to shutters. Custom-made window shutters or shutter blinds are established styles customised to fit the size specifications of your door or window, bespoke shutters are designed to complement and enhance unique openings such as arches, angles or even circles.

“These terms are carelessly and loosely used in our industry,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN window security shutters. “Making it difficult for interior designers and homeowners to clearly understand the difference.”

There are shutter manufacturers that simply ‘edit’ their existing styles to fit windows and doors, offering no or little customisation beyond that, but they call their product custom-made. For example, using available shutter panel widths instead of customising the panel width to work with the scale of the opening and integrate with the greater interior design of the space.

Shutters are considered permanent fixtures in the home and therefore have the ability to add financial value to the property, but only if they enhance the aesthetic of the home. “Each home is unique, therefore the design, sizing, finishes and features of the shutter manufacture should be unique,” says Karina. “AMERICAN shutters takes each of these decisions very seriously and will advise on the best specifications, truly customising each order.”

plantation shutter blinds. AMERICAN-shutters-Sarah-Pina-Security-shutters-02

“When we have the opportunity to work closely with the architect, interior designer or homeowner we are able to consult and develop a truly bespoke product that works with the design of the home,” says Karina. “From customising a colour finish, to creating an unusually-shaped shutter to accentuate architectural features.”

Don’t settle for same-old, same-old when suiting your home with shutters, be like James Bond and go for double oh heaven!

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