Long hot summer days stretch their warmth into indigo watercolour washed dusk skies. We are truly blessed in South Africa to be able to entertain long into the summer evenings, especially when extra space is needed to accommodate visiting family and friends.

Make the most of your home this summer by creating a comfortable outdoor entertainment area. By enclosing a deck or terrace with aluminium Security Shutters you create a versatile space that could be opened up in summer, perfect for outdoor entertaining, and closed in winter when the weather gets unpleasant. It’s a practical and beautiful extension of your home.

Create a sanctuary in your home by using the shutters to set the tone.

window Shutters or patio sliding door shutters, with their horizontal lines, have a calming effect and when you choose wide louvres you get a clearer view when the louvres are open,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters®.

If your terrace looks out over a lush garden you could compliment the green tones with our grey or charcoal finish. Bring the outdoors in and create a sophisticated greenhouse look by using pot plants in the room to mirror the green of your garden.

plantation security shutters

To complete the beach house look, think white and blue. Use white as the base, from walls, furniture and even floors, and add touches of nautical navy or aqua blue. White pillar candles secured with beach sand and shells in clear glass vases recreate a romantic candlelit evening beach picnic. On the whole, keep accessories to the minimum to ensure an airy relaxed space typical of this look.

Safety is on the top of the list for most homeowners and with shutters, you can secure your home attractively without it taking on the look of a fortress. Our Security Shutters have adjustable louvres to allow the view and fresh outside air to become part of the space whilst still providing security. The shutters can be installed to By-Pass or Bi-Fold on tracks allowing the space to be opened up with ease when needed.

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