Pantone’s autumn winter palette for 2019 is a selection of rich sophisticated tones that are as bold as they are beautiful. The impact of incorporating this seasonal palette into an interior design depends on the colours selected, the combinations and the extent to which they are used.

This deep jewel-toned bedroom utilises some of the stronger colours in the Pantone selection and therefore has loads of drama. The merlot-like red, stately green and classic deep blue are beautifully complemented with the rich warm metals.

For a subtler nod to this season’s trending colours, include them sparingly as accent colours on a primarily neutral palette. This welcoming bedroom adds hints of the fresh green and warm almond brown in decorative cushions and a faux-fur throw. This approach allows you to easily adapt the look with new colours when the seasons change.

There are a few more traditional colours in the Pantone selection; colours that form a solid base for a décor scheme that will comfortably accommodate other colours if and when added to keep the look fresh.

This elegant bedroom effectively uses the muted blue, warm grey and understated beige to create a timeless design. When spring arrives, the addition of a soft pink or subdued yellow would translate this winter scheme into something bright, cheerful and ready for warmer days.

These seasonal colour reports are worthwhile because they challenge us to constantly rethink, reimagine and recreate our interiors; introducing us to new colours, tones, shades and combinations. However, our homes are not like fashion: making significant seasonal changes takes far more time, money and effort. It is therefore advisable to use them as inspiration and a nudge to challenge our conventions and not feel pressured to change for the sake of changing.

“Invest wisely in your larger pieces of furniture and features that will work in any décor colour scheme,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “Then play with seasonal or trending colours in your soft furnishings and accent pieces.”

For example, opt for the timeless aesthetic of natural wood flooring and add colourful rugs, or install quality shutters to your windows and doors and then frame them with curtains with seasonal colours and patterns.


“Bedrooms are great rooms to play with colour; they are personal spaces and allow for the addition of many layers, finishes and accessories,” says Karina. “Experiment with cushions, blankets, throws, lighting, paint, wallpaper, artwork, and more.”

Here are Karina’s top tips to create a winter bedroom:

Layers – A cosy winter bed can never have too many layers; pile on the blankets and faux fur throws. Having blankets drape the floor is fine, and spread this love around to seating and blanket boxes too.

Texture – Add finishes with varying textures; baskets, rugs, knitted blankets, wallpaper etc. Different materials add interest and depth to the room and in so doing create a warm ambience.

Light – Being able to control the natural and artificial light in a bedroom is critical. Direct the sun’s light and warmth with shutters during the day and block out any annoying artificial light at night. Light dimmers or bedside table lights help create a soft light for cosy nights.

Fun – Add personal décor touches that depict your signature style. Whether it’s unique artwork, fairy lights or framed personal photographs, make the space. Uniquely you.

Comfort – There is nothing in a bedroom more important than comfort and this goes for more than just the bed; add some soft comfortable seating to the room.


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