In South Africa, creating curb appeal can be a challenge; in many cases, high walls, large gates and electric fencing stand in the way of how a home presents itself to its neighbourhood. Therefore, to create a great first impression, we often need to focus on what lies beyond these necessary security barriers.

“Approach your home as a first time visitor, view it with fresh eyes, what do you see first, what gets your attention,” suggests Karina Palmer, interior designer and AMERICAN shutters’® marketing director. Each home is different, but there are a few common elements that you can work with to give your home, what Karina calls, face value.

A pretty pathway flanked by a well kept lawn, flower beds or potted plants is the equivalent of a red carpet welcome. Consider adding lighting so the pathway is clearly visible at night time.
Make the approach to your home truly unique by adding some artistic features to your outdoor area if space allows, such as sculptures and mirrors, and or water features. Clever lighting can accentuate the most beautiful aspects of your garden and ensure that the approach to your front door is always beautiful, day and night.

A home’s entrance is so much more than just the front door. If you have a large patio, the entire space needs to be considered, and if you have just a small area around your doorway, how you decorate and frame the door is imperative.
Start with the door itself, a good quality door makes a great first impression, make sure it is in good condition free of scratches, stains and marks. Painting your front door a colour certainly makes a bold statement, and is an ingenious way to make your home stand out form its neighbours, especially within an estate.

“When framing your front door, symmetry is important,” says Karina. “Balance and proportion are integral, whether you are using potted plants, lighting, or furniture.”
Add some practical elements to the décor scheme; doormats, umbrella caddy, coat hook etc. to keep the dirt and wet outside and make your guests more comfortable to enter.

Security and privacy are always important and should never be compromised for the sake of style. Ensure that any windows and glass doors at or near to your entrance are protected from unwelcome peeping. Shutters and blinds are great for this purpose, because curtain lining or old-fashioned net curtains do not look great from the outside. “AMERICAN shutters’ new Security Shutters have double value in that they are not only a security barrier, but they have the same aesthetic beauty as our timber shutters,” says Karina. “Whether installed indoors or outdoors, they look fantastic from all sides.”

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