Stay healthy, wealthy and wise this festive season by choosing to stay home for the holidays.

With the ongoing threat of COVID-19 pandemic, deciding to forgo the holiday travels certainly is the healthiest and wisest option, and, if you choose to invest your holiday savings into home improvements and renovations, it may just be the wealthiest one too.

Eat Out / Eat In

Whilst enjoying a delicious meal prepared by someone other than yourself is certainly a holiday temptation, imagine how much you could save if you choose to rather invest this money into kitchen improvements. Especially if those improvements make preparing meals at home so much more pleasurable, and perhaps even safer.

COVID-19 has not only influenced how we live our lives, but it is also influencing kitchen design; more space, improved natural ventilation, modern streamlined design using quality finishes to ensure best hygiene are all trends set to stay.

“Installing shutters on kitchen windows and doors allows you to open the windows and doors for natural ventilation without losing privacy or risking security,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “And because they are so easy to clean, they are definitely more hygienic than any fabric alternatives.”

Stay Over / Make Over

The style and comfort of a stay-over in a four or five-star rated hotel or B&B might be just what your weary body and mind desire after a long and difficult year, but your mind will rest so much more peacefully knowing your body is not at risk of infection and your money is better spent when you invest it on your bedroom at home.

Living through a COVID-19 lockdown, we should all have a new appreciation of our bedrooms; aka movie theatre, gym, office… Our bedrooms have become our sanctuaries from the madness of 2020 and sometimes the people we share our homes with. They deserve to be given some special treatment.

“Other than a good quality mattress, the best way to create a comfortable bedroom, is to choose the right window and door treatments,” says Karina. “When it comes to comfort, privacy and security, you cannot do better than shutters.”


Control natural light and ventilation to ensure optimum indoor temperatures and control privacy without compromising the security of your bedroom, and the bonus is, shutters certainly have that five-star style of a leading hotel or B&B.

Go Out / All Out

The beach or bush may be your normal holiday getaway, but why not create your own outdoor destination at home. Summer holidays are synonymous with sunshine days spent close to nature and there is no reason you can’t get that at home. Bring the outdoors in by seamlessly integrating your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

Whether it’s an expansive patio leading onto a pool lush garden or a quaint balcony with potted plants and a comfortable chair, go all out and turn your outside spaces into a holiday escape.

“Creating a secure outdoor entertainment area is easy with our Security Shutters,” says Karina. “Made from architectural-grade aluminium, they can be installed outdoors and have the same aesthetic appeal as our timber shutters.”

Whether in your kitchen, bedroom or living areas, installing shutters in your home is definitely a wise choice; keeping your indoor areas healthily ventilated and lit, and adding financial value to your property while creating a home perfect for the holidays.

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