Hush little baby… create a sweet and safe baby nursery

Hush little baby… create a sweet and safe baby nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery is a magical time; it’s a space that truly allows your imagination to play.

Decorating your baby’s nursery is a magical time; it’s a space that truly allows your imagination to play. From sailboats to teddy bears and wild animals to fairies, your baby’s nursery is a storybook or fantasy translated into décor. But, there are also a few guidelines to follow to ensure the room is as practical as it is pretty, as functional as it is fun and as safe as it is sweet.

Choosing your décor theme and finishes should start with an analysis of the room or space you have assigned to the nursery. How big is it, how much natural light does it get, what of the existing finishes and features can be utilised and which need replacing? Answering these questions will inform certain of your décor choices i.e. small rooms with little natural light are better suited to a light colour palette such as neutrals and pastels, while larger rooms with lots of natural light can accommodate a darker and brighter colour scheme. They will also direct your window treatment choice. Smaller windows can be made to seem larger by framing them and ensuring coverings can be pulled away to allow as much natural light in as possible. Larger windows that are easily accessible from the floor may need a window guard or security barrier such as lockable shutters to prevent easy access.

Whatever your theme, consider your budget and appetite for change when choosing a paint colour, wallpaper, window treatment etc. Opting for a neutral colour in your more permanent finishes, and using bright colours as accents as soft furnishings and décor items will keep the room relevant for longer.

As with all interior décor, lighting is key, but perhaps never more important than in your baby’s nursery. While you want to avoid harsh lights that overstimulate and are not kind to baby’s eyes, you also want the option to amp up the light when cleaning the nursery. For this reason, it is best to create lighting options in the nursery such as a dimmer switch on ceiling lights, standing lamp and night lights.

The ability to turn off or block light is equally important in a nursery, especially for day-time sleep. Wooden shutters installed on windows gives absolute control over natural light; either directing it away from sleeping baby with a tilt of the louvres or closing the louvres completely. “Our Decowood Shutters are ideal for baby nurseries as they offer fantastic light block and privacy,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters®. “They are also verified environmentally safe, releasing no Volatile Organic Compounds into the air.”

Decowood Shutters are available in a choice of seven neutral shades, compatible with any décor theme.

Safety always trumps décor in a baby’s nursery; everything you consider adding to the space needs to meet stringent safety standards, whether furniture, finishes or décor items. This includes windows and window finishes. Install safety devices on all windows to ensure toddlers cannot open them. Do not position furniture below opening or unprotected windows avoiding the risk of children climbing and falling near a glass window. Choose window coverings that are sturdy and have no hanging cords or ties that pose a strangulation risk.

“Our Honeycomb Blinds are cordless and lightweight, making them of the safest nursery window treatments on the market,” says Karina. “They are also great thermal insulators, helping to regulate the temperature in the nursery.” These blinds can also be operated top-down or bottom-up and come in a range of 75 colours and textures!

Whether it’s pirates or princesses, unicorns or unicycles, butterflies or balloons, make it sweet and safe!

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