A space where family members and friends come together to chat, be entertained, eat and drink, or simply relax; the living areas of a home need to cater to many modern-day demands. No longer separated into rooms by function i.e. formal lounge for guest visits, dining room for serving and sharing meals, living room for TV watching and family games, most homeowners prefer their living areas to be open plan. Open plan living means all these ‘rooms’ merge into a spacious, cohesive, shared space allowing families and friends to be together, no matter what they are doing or where they are doing it.

“Open plan living has been an architectural and interior design trend for a number of decades, but it is not without its challenges,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters®. “The interior design of an open plan living area is deceptively simple; it is far more than knocking down a few walls and deciding on a single décor theme. Consideration needs to be given to privacy, noise, furniture layout, and interior views.”

“Breaking up an open plan living area with subtle, clever interior design keeps the integrity of a shared living space but allows for privacy, quiet and purpose when you need it,” says Karina.

There are many ways to break up open plan living successfully. Architecturally you can create split levels, build low walls or introduce elegant screens. If such architectural changes are too much of a renovation, you can use features such as fireplaces, built-in shelving or simply create separate zones in a spacious open area by artfully arranging the furniture.


“One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to install indoor shutters.”

Shutters or sliding door shutters or interior shutters are a versatile, stylish way to separate an open plan area when the need arises without having to build a permanent, solid structure that may disturb the flow, and airy, harmonious feel of your space. Installed on a track fitted to the ceiling and guides on the floor, the shutter panels can be locked into place to create a room within a room. Close the louvres and they also give complete privacy. They can just as easily be retracted to once again create a completely open space.


“Whatever the interior design style or décor theme, AMERICAN shutters has a range of shutters to suit; from the rich, warm, natural tones of our Selectwood shutters to our most popular eco-friendly Decowood range, and don’t forget our Security Shutters or patio aluminium security shutters” concludes Karina.

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