Romancing the home

Romancing the home

Romance is a feeling of intimacy and indulgence; it is an atmosphere.

Creating a romantic home does not need tones of pink, florals, frills, lace, scented candles, ornate accessories, love-quote motives or heart-shaped trinkets. Romance is a feeling of intimacy and indulgence; it is an atmosphere. If done properly, this atmosphere can be created in all homes irrespective of décor style, colour palette and finishes.

It is how a home sets the scene for theses intimate moments that makes it romantic. Creating these scenes in a way that is timeless and not clichéd requires clever layouts, considered choices in furniture and features, and a personal understanding of how the people in the home engage with each other and their environment.


Choose an area in the home that can be an escape from the busy activities of every day, somewhere that allows you to mentally leave all that behind and focus completely on your company. This could be a cosy window seat overlooking a gorgeous garden, sea view or the night-time sparkle of city lights or two comfortable armchairs set out to face one, making conversation easy and comfortable.

Shutters allow you to effectively manage the privacy of a space; close the shutters for a more intimate setting, open them for a more open-plan layout.


Turn everyday activities into shared moments; prepare meals together while catching up on each other’s day. If it’s a one-person job, consider adding some seating in the kitchen so the cook can be kept company while preparing.

Shutters can serve as room dividers, separating or integrating practical and living areas when needed.

Use your indoor or patio dining area (not only when you are entertaining guests) to enjoy your meal together away from the distraction of the television.


It only takes two to have company. Entertain and enjoy each other in the simplest ways; a laugh, a game, a dance. Make your home your play area and keep it fun and comfortable. Remember your living area is about more than television watching and working from home; include a vinyl record player, some board games and stocked book shelf. A sofa big enough for two is a non-negotiable.

Lighting can set the mood, control natural light with shutters to create a romantic ambience.


Sometimes the most romantic moments are those that allow your someone special a self-indulgent experience all on their own. A quiet morning lying poolside in the sun or soaking in a tub of bubbles.

Shutters are an attractive and practical window finish for bathrooms; moisture resistant and great for privacy control.


Make the most romantic space in your home a space that is unashamedly designed for you as a couple; comfortable, peaceful, luxurious and filled with personal touches that only needs to make sense to you.

Shutters are ideal for light block and privacy control, and their timeless style suits any bedroom décor.

A home that is designed around the people who live in it, will by definition cater for romance, be it after-work catch-ups in the kitchen, deep conversations around the dining table, laughter on the balcony at sunset, comfortable silences lounging on the sofa, or heart-racing kisses at bedtime.

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