The staying power of shutters

The staying power of shutters

Many homeowners and property investors have identified the financial opportunity of using their guest rooms

Many homeowners and property investors have identified the financial opportunity of using their guest rooms or on-property guest cottages as an income-generating Airbnb or business/holiday rental. However, creating a rental that will attract guests and maintain its good looks after many a stay requires both a business and a designer mind.

Here are our three golden rules to follow:

    • Don’t Follow Trends. Create Your Own Style
    • Buy Smart, Not Cheap
    • Better Safe than Sorry

Don’t Follow Trends. Create Your Own Style


Interior design trends, like fashion, change over time, and redecorating is considerably more expensive and time-consuming than adding to, or editing your wardrobe. But more importantly, creating a unique interior style will ensure your rental will not fade into the insignificance of average but will be remembered and talked about.

  • Take inspiration from your location i.e. the coast, countryside, or city and build your design that represents or respects your environment.
  • Invest in some timeless pieces such as an oversized mirror, chandelier, wingback chair, upholstered headboard or wooden bookcase.

Shutters have been in style for centuries, and complement all types of interior décor

  • Choose a neutral palette and use texture to add interest by mixing materials.
  • Accessorise with bursts of colour and pattern to add fun and flair
  • Remember to show your personality by adding unique pieces, from original art to vintage finds, from quirky repurposed items to homemade delights.

Buy Smart, Not Cheap

Establishing your Airbnb or holiday/business rental is a costly exercise and the temptation to go for low-cost features, finishes and furnishing is understandable, but a mistake none the less. Buying cheap now will cost you in the long run; there are certain options that demand you invest wisely otherwise ensure you provide a substantial budget for repairs, replacements and renovations.

Start by focusing on permanent features such as flooring, sanitary ware, tiles, and window finishes.

Shutters are practical, low-maintenance and durable window finishes that don’t require updating with each décor refresh.

Choose manufacturers and suppliers with a good reputation and track record to ensure that the guarantees and warranties they offer will be upheld. AMERICAN shutters was the first company to introduce shutters to the South African market, and that was more than three decades ago. They have built a strong reputation for superior after-sales service through the thousands of installations they have successfully completed.

Better Safe than Sorry

Personal and property security is arguably the most important aspect of an Airbnb or business/holiday rental, for your guests, and for you! Many Airbnb’s provide a bedroom with ensuite inside the renter’s home or at least on the same property, which often results in a stranger living under the same roof. It is therefore advisable to isolate the rented area in a way that is as stylish and tasteful as it is effective.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, security shutters can be installed on patios, inter-leading doors, windows and even used as room dividers.

AMERICAN shutters’ range of Security Shutters have the same aesthetic appeal as traditional wooden shutters but with the strength, durability and security features of traditional safety gates or burglar proofing.

They are easily operated and with the option of having the lock on both sides of the shutter, ideal for renter and guests.

AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters have an industry advantage in that they do not require a tilt rod for louvre operation. Their hidden ‘Gear Tilt’ system within the shutter frame allows you to open and close the louvres simply by tilting the louvre itself, thereby doing away with the view-obstructing tilt rod.

Consider this advice and choose wisely to ensure your rental has the staying power to make it in the ever-increasing competitive market of Airbnb and business/holiday rentals.

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