Lockdown Lowdown

Lockdown Lowdown

Lockdown has certainly given our homes the lived-in test.
 Here is our lowdown on the most important aspects of a home.

Having already spent a few weeks at home under COVID-19 lockdown, we have all identified aspects of our homes that need improvement. From big details such as the need to renovate or remodel to the not-so-big changes like room layouts and finishes to smaller details such as accessories or furnishing; our homes have certainly been given the lived-in test.

Here is our lowdown on the most important aspects of a home you should focus on during lockdown:

1. Practical Space Planning or Zoning

Space planning is the utilisation of available spaces for various activities within a home. It is both the allocation of certain rooms for certain purposes i.e. a bedroom or study, and the zoning of areas within an open-plan space for specific functions, such as dining or entertainment. Space planning includes looking at movement and circulation patterns within and between each area.

Shutters can be installed as versatile room dividers to section off areas of an open-plan living area when separation is required for purpose or privacy.

2. Good Lighting

Good lighting improves the practicality and mood of a home. Natural lighting is best; large windows and doors that allow sunlight to stream into a home create a warm, welcoming and healthy home. If natural lighting is limited or not an option, then intelligent artificial lighting systems and design elements must be utilised to maximum effect, i.e. ceiling, wall and standing lights, light colour palettes, mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Far more versatile than fabric curtains, shutters can be completely opened to let in the maximum amount of natural light but also closed when light-block is required. Angle the louvres to direct natural light into a space.

3. Ventilation

Homes need good ventilation to rid them of moisture, odours, bacteria and pollutants and keep the air quality within the home good, and its occupants, healthy.  Good ventilation also enables natural temperature control; letting in a cool breeze cools down a hot day.

Install shutters in kitchens to assist with ventilation to remove cooking smells and smoke.

4. Cleanliness

Designing a home that is easy to keep clean will afford you more leisure time to enjoy your home. Lockdown certainly tests the cleaning-friendliness of a home. Consider your choices of flooring, wall coverings, finishes and furniture to not only reduce cleaning time but ensure good home hygiene.

Easy-to-clean and maintain, shutters are ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

5. Ample Storage

Clutter can ruin even the best interior design scheme. Homes need good bedroom, kitchen and laundry storage as a minimum to keep them looking organised and neat. Having clutter strewn around a home makes it unattractive, impractical and in some cases dangerous.

Smart storage make homes neater and chores easier.

6. Privacy

There are certain areas of a home in which privacy is critical; bedrooms and bathrooms in particular. Window and door finishes are possibly the most important considerations when accessing the privacy features of these areas.

Shutters provide complete privacy and waterproof ranges are perfect for installation in bathrooms.

7. Eco-friendly

Environmentally-friendly finishes and furnishings are on-trend and very popular. There is also more focus on ways to reduce energy consumption now than ever before. Use this time to look at how eco-friendly your home is and decide on ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

AMERICAN shutters’ Decowood Shutter Range is its most eco-friendly and cost-effective.

8. Outdoor integration

Whether it’s a large garden, small balcony, or windowsill, bringing a bit of nature into your home adds beauty and is good for wellbeing.

Indoor-outdoor flow extends the floor plan and living space of a home. Shutters work beautifully with sliding and concertina doors as they can be fully opened to integrate the inside and outside areas.

9. Security

Arguably one of the most important considerations for homeowners today is security. Keeping loved ones and property safe is critical for lifestyle, sense of security and property value. When it comes to ensuring all that with style, there is no better choice than AMERICAN shutters’ elegantly designed Security Shutters.

With the same aesthetic beauty and seamless elegance of timber shutters, AMERICAN shutters’ Security shutters won’t compromise the overall visual appeal of a home as some more traditional security gates and burglar bars.

10. Character

Use your time in lockdown to identify and demonstrate a personal style that makes your home unique to you.

Chat to one of our sales consultants via virtual consultation to discover how shutters can improve your home.

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